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And the more interesting thing was that 5 percent was already being done through mail order catalogs. We expanded the warehouse to 77,000 square feet and stopped having manufacturers ship directly to customers.It was a scary time--drop shipping was 25 percent of revenue, and we gave it up all at once.One of Zappos' official corporate goals is to "create fun and a little weirdness." It is consistently ranked among the best US companies to work for.Late in 2011, Hsieh became even more legendary by announcing almost larkishly that he'd be leading a 0 million effort to rejuvenate a blighted stretch of Las Vegas' downtown, home to some lower-end casinos and motels and not a whole lot else.of Zappos, owns a party bus, a party house, and what could be termed a party insect—a 40-foot-long praying mantis that shoots fire from its antennas.

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The 40-year-old Hsieh is legendary for building, in Zappos, a company that has managed to be both hugely successful—more than billion in annual sales—and hugely high-spirited.

The mantis, which was built for Burning Man and is made of sculpted and riveted steel and mounted on a truck, is something Hsieh snapped up for no other reason than he liked it and thought that a giant pyrotechnic mantis in his neighborhood on the north side of Las Vegas might make people smile.

The party house was bought for similar reasons, because Hsieh likes parties, and though he already often invited friends and neighbors to his sprawling and minimally furnished apartment, having a house nearby only expanded the possibilities for fun.

The low point: missing the last dance of eighth grade because he was taking a SAT test the following morning.

"I remember being pretty disappointed," he recalled.