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Anastasia Date was named after the Grand Duchess Anastasia Nikolaevna of Russia, a role model for you Russian women and promises their clientele a chance to met women with refined ways and the moral fiber that many claim that many women of modern times are lacking.The company began using catalogs in the early 90s and launched its first website in 1997 in Russia and the Ukraine.The founders, Elena and David Besuden were introduced by a service and 1992 and married.Wanting to create a similar experience for others, the catalog company was launched to introduce men to Russian women.We are applying the best achievement of mankind for you to have an easier and more interesting life. Self-knowledge applicable in practice will really help and make life easier for you.

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Nicht nur diverse Ausstellungen stehen auf dem Programm, sondern auch Pop-Konzerte.In this section you can read about yourself, about what the destiny has laid for you,to make decisions about how best to proceed in different situations, so as not to disturb any social expectations nor personal regulations.It has become easy to discover your ayurvedic constitution (dosha).Margot Käßmann, die Reformationsbotschafterin der EKD, schickt über den Sommer immer wieder Post aus Wittenberg. Diesmal: „Familie, Lebensformen, Gender“ im Mittelpunkt der Weltausstellung Reformation.Der Menschenrechtler Peter Steudtner, der in der Türkei inhaftiert wurde, ist aktives Mitglied der evangelischen Kirchengemeinde Prenzlauer Berg Nord.