Sophos stopped updating

The only notification I have of this is to open SEC and check the Dashboard date entry "Last update from sophos" manually.I've not done any comparison of Sophos's malware definitions compared to their competators, but based on the features provided, my first impression of Sophos Antivirus For Linux is that it's the best anti-malware for Linux I've tried to date.

With the widespread availability of free anti-virus products for home use, it was determined that an institution-provided product was no longer needed.There's two possibilities: The church servers are not updating (Sophos is directed to a church site for the updates), or for some reason our version of Sophos is outdated and no longer supported.I seem to remember some issues where Sophos got behind and was no longer on the current version. It's a Win7 machine that was updated to Win10 some time back.I'd go back to the lds download and re-download and install it.The version is 10.6 and they are updated computers from windows 7 to 10.