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He played host on Esquire Network's The Next Great Burger which aired summer of 2015.

He played a correspondent to Tyson Beckford and Rev Run on their show It's Not You It's Men (2016) on the OWN network.

'I just want to be married, or just engaged,' she told Tatler magazine back in 2007.

Comedian Owen Benjamin takes the stage with his piano to close out the show on a humorous note.

His sidesplitting musical number elegantly illustrates why men and women have so much trouble communicating.

I think the big fights in a relationship are usually the guy's fault, and the little onesare the woman's fault.

Benjamin has starred in several web-only video series.

Since 2008 he has been appearing on Sony Pictures Television's C-SPOT, including the role of Owen on Gaytown as well as hosting his own series, Owen Benjamin Presents.

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And, in it, he explained that he couldn’t be happier to have had a baby with a woman he once hated.

" I'm like, "I ate at Wendy's."She's like, "Wendy's.

There’s no point denying it; choosing to have a baby with someone you love is, quite possibly, one of the biggest decisions you can make.

They may not see eye to eye, but Christina Ricci and her new man agree on at least one important thing - they are madly in love.

The actress, who is just over 5ft tall, headed out for a celebratory lunch in Los Angeles with comedian Owen Benjamin following the announcement of their engagement.