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[The] pictures were uploaded on various social networks to show that terrorists are now present in most European cities. A man points to family members he was separated from as he asks for passage through a Hungarian police line while attempting to board a train bound for Vienna, Austria at Budapest's Keleti railway station As Athens warned of Lesbos being 'on the verge of explosion', tensions were also rising across the Aegean Sea where around 10,000 more people are stuck on islands as they make their way to Western Europe.'It was horrible the last three days...

Many, who are now illegal immigrants, fought alongside Islamic State before,' Hungary's M1 news reported. There are no rooms, no hotels, no bathrooms, no beds, no anything,' said Hussam Hamzat, a 27-year-old engineer from Damascus who finally got his departure papers after an overnight wait.

Forgotten: Many drown alongside their families, or alone, with no one to reveal their true identities after death.In makeshift shelters, volunteers and doctors offered assistance.Many women suffered from shock or hypothermia and received first aid in a chapel at the port.The news comes as two men suspected of being ISIS terrorists were arrested in an unspecified eastern European country after after intelligence groups noticed they had started uploading photographs taken in cities hit by the refugee crisis to their social media pages.Gathered: Lesbos residents have described the Greek island as a 'war zone' following the arrival of 20,000 mainly Syrian refugees over the past few weeks.