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Snapchat also wants to remind you to send snaps to people you haven’t in a while.

When you go to pick friends to send a Snap to, under your list of “Recents” who you’ve snapped with a lot recently, you’ll see a section of “Needs Love”, who are people you used to snap with a lot but haven’t sent one to in a while.

Rather than blog about, Snapchat actually hid the brief instruction manual for Friend Emojis in the Snap Channel of its app’s Discover section.

For a video demo of how Friend Emojis work, plus funny coverage of tech and Silicon Valley life, follow me on Snapchat at “Josh Constine” or by focusing your Snapchat camera on my QR Snaptag over here. A “Moon” icon at the top of the camera lets you turn on and off a low-light mode for the camera.

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