Joanna garcia dating

She was the chick making out with Stifler when he was on the receiving end of an unfortunate accident.And for Yankees fans who want more on Swisher, check out this great article.

Last year, when a friend asked actress Joanna Garcia if she’d be interested in going on a date with Yankee outfielder Nick Swisher, her response, according to Garcia’s mom, Loraine, was “Oh, I don’t want to date a ballplayer.” But the friend didn’t give up.

When I was younger, I was very much a working actress.

Actress Jo Anna Garcia was born on August 10, 1979, in Tampa, Florida.

But he uses at least some of that money to spoil his lady, “Jo,” as he calls her.

"He definitely always gets laid," she admitted, "and I'm not just saying that because I'm a jerk.