Is john mayer dating kim kardashian

Some of John Mayer's love interests, like Kim Kardashian, are on the long list of famous people with celebrity sex tapes.

Kim's not the only one on this list to have a celeb sex tape either!

And while Taylor had fast-become known for writing about her relationships – it didn’t exactly go down well with Harry’s fans.

With tracks such as Style and Out of the Woods being rumoured to have drawn inspiration from Harry, many questioned whether Taylor was just using the world famous singer to boost sales of her songs.

To make matters even more juicy, the source went on to reveal that they wouldn't be "surprised" if these exes reunited in the future.

Sources confirm Katy is still talking to John despite ending their on-and-off again relationship in July of 2015: !

He seems to be not the greatest boyfriend or the easiest person to date, but I just love him and his voice so much that I would definitely put up with him and date him.

To her credit, Katy didn't do too much gloating, and the temptation must have been hard to resist.

After all, it's not every day that your rival is exposed as a liar and trash-talked by millions of social media users.

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Of course, the one opinion that matters most when it comes to the competitive side of Ms. Katy threw some subtle shade at Taylor earlier this week while the rest of the Internet was reveling in her undoing.