Intimidating country songs

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To begin with, the background piano, drums and a bit of electric guitar set the mood and jump in at the right places to make the song not one of despair, but rather as a “fightin’ mad” protest song. The song showcases a couple different types of love: father and narrator as son, narrator as father and son and God as father and narrator as son.

The acoustic guitar, particularly prominent at the start of the song, and the crying fiddle and steel guitar – instruments that sound like the heartland feels – add to the song’s purpose: the protest that things are backwards and “what the hell is going on around here! Despite lyrics that are hit or miss and could have done a bit better at zoning in on the problem, the song still manages strikes a real chord, especially through the great melody and instrumentals, in focusing attention on the plight of hard-working folks with good values with a strong measure of deserved indignation. In each verse getting into a fight at school, trying a father’s patience and leading an imperfect life cause the listener to question whether love would triumph in that circumstance and the bassline becomes less prominent when the question is posed.

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Whether the song was written in a ranch of plains, a mountain cabin, in a small bar or pub or in a modern recording studio, the heart of a country song is identified by the chord progression in its foundation.

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This section of a country song is often the punctuation of the message the writer delivers to the listeners.

The country song chorus can be the signature of the song that combines brilliant harmonies and emotionally driven lyrics that add to the unique quality and truth of the genre.