Curse client not updating Chatroulette adults only free

The current Curse Client gets updated to the so called “Twitch App”.

These updates are currently not available for all users.

Beta does update on but do not update on the client unless the user chooses to receive Beta files.

Release updates with both and is publicly available on the client.

Most of us (I assume) just load up the clients for addons and close it straight after anyway so there's no real drawback to using the new one. Forget the social aspect part which it seems to be pushing now.I also don't have a twitch account, and still use it perfectly fine.Or maybe they made my old Curse user a twitch account.For those out of the know, Curse Voice is a third party program which is in its beta stage which automatically shows the jungle timers for camps you have seen cleared, as well as other features. Riot choosing to allow the program directly gives PC users a benefit that mac users DO NOT HAVE and CANNOT GET (without a great deal of work/having Windows on your HD). There are two ways to install and update Total RP 3.